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Are you registered for, or thinking of registering for psychology? Do you know enough about this field of study and the possible career opportunities in order to make an informed decision? We are currently updating the section Psychology @ Unisa ( on our website ( The current information focuses on the different registration categories available with the Health Professions Council of South Africa and the qualifications available at Unisa in order to register with the Professional Board for Psychology. We would appreciate your input – what do you think you need to know about opportunities in Psychology? What are you curious about in terms of psychology and the possible career paths? Please comment on this blog entry, or send a response to


75 thoughts on “Psychology careers

  1. maria

    I would like to knw more about psychology in profesion contex n wish module to complete within 3years n what job opportunity does it have

  2. tumelo

    i am a third year psycology student looking for workplace exposure related to my career.pls help.

  3. ivy

    Hi everyone i’m first year student in Unisa i’m doing Social worker,I did register Psychology but i find it very difficult,so i want to know which subject must i specialize with to replace Psychology,i like working with adults & children.

  4. S Rashid

    Im currently doin my my 1st yr BA psychological counsellng unisa dbn & employd at a private hospital for 10 yrs as medical case management working with very ill & mostly with hiv patients! My long term goal: psychologist! Pls adv aftr obtaining my BA degree what is the next step & wl my work exp be countd towards my ‘internshp’ not sure how it all works pls advise tks

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  6. Melissa

    I am close to finishing my BA in psychological counselling would I be able to go into Industrial psychology once my degree is done and if so how do I go about it?

  7. mpho

    hi ,my name is mpho,i will like to know more details about educational psychology
    im interested in helping educations institutions and the community

  8. nomathemba phungula

    Hi im in an access course but im interested in industrial and organisational psycholgy. Can i study towards the course even though i dont have maths and science i did exceptionally well on my psychology 1501 course now i hve to make the right choice i like anything tht has got to do with HR

  9. 'Mamoeketsi Nkoro

    i like psychology career very because i work with the community,so would you able to offer though distence learning as iam in Lesotho?

  10. Tami

    hi there< i am enrolling at UNISA to study BA Psych.. i am trying to locate the subject choices for this degree… any help?


    i am doing the access programme towards a social work degree bt from now i want to do community development or development studies.i am temporaly hire by the municipality for community work as i have been working with the community for 12 yrs.i want to know how is job opportunities especial at municipalities. what should i do from know bcoz i turning 36 yrs now do they hire me if i continue with my studies?

  12. candice

    Hi, I have my degree in Psychology and English, I would like to become a Educational psychologist, unfortunatly I’m not fiancially able to do my honz ,is there a way to get into this field,and earn an income from it?,right now without my Honz?what r the best options for me right now?

  13. Hein

    I am a 3rd year B-psych student, i consider it to do an industrial psychology course after my honours. Must i then do all the modules of the industrial psychology degree?

    1. olebile

      hein you can always apply for NSFAS at the institution you intend to do your honours with. it will be after you complete your honours that youl be able to do masters in educational psychology. know that masters degrees in psychology are competative, bearing in mind that you have to do your best academically. all the best

  14. nvlala

    hi I’m completing my honours in psychology. I majored in psychology and criminology in my undergrad. If I wish to do a social work degree would I be accredited for modules I did previously and how long will it take me to complete the degree.

  15. Devashnee

    Hi,I have a BA Degree in Psychology and my Honours as well.Please can you tell me what other options do I have besides doing my intership and which institutions is UNISA affiliated with,with regards to intership.


  16. ole

    im currently doing masters in clinical psychology. my aim was to also do consulting psychology with unisa while doing my community service. my question is whether il have to go throgh selection processes to be admited, and if the course will provide me with the opportunity to continue with my community service

  17. precious

    can you register 2 be a counselor wit a ba degree in psychology? Can i be consider for honours if i repeated a psychology 3?

  18. Pamela

    I am a UNISA graduate..BA Health Sciences and Social Services (specialisation in Pyschological Counselling). I have graduated five years ago, currently at home raising a son. I would like to have some advise on where to from here…I love working with children and was hoping to get into the school environment, but what can i do with my degree?

  19. Linda Dhlamini

    This is absolutely fantastic. Its nice to have a forum where students can ask for advice. I am an honours I/O psych student and I am unsure if I want to make a career out of psychology. I know that psychology is a diverse field and I want to know how I can find out about the various options open to me with a psychology degree. I also want to know if its possible to apply for an internship while completing an honours degree, towards registering with the HPCSA.

    1. oupa

      you can do a six month internship after completing your hons degree on career counselling or psychometry, and register w ith the board as a career counselor or psychometrist. make sure that the institutions you apply to are acredited to offer such. I know that UNISA have such intenshps, even other companies also do. hope youl find this helpfull.

  20. Chanel


    I am a third year student doing my BA degree this year and I want to Major in psychology. I dont know what field in psychology I need to specialise in, as I have a great passion working with kids. Can you tell me what field would be the best to specialise in?

    1. unisacareers Post author

      If you are studying psychology and you are interested in working with children, you need to have an idea of what you would like to do specifically. For example, do you wish to teach, identify and treat problems related to academic performance, provide career guidance, provide therapy for families, treat abnormal behaviour, or complete research on topics related to children? Once you have clarity about the different fields in psychology, it could guide you in terms of which field would enable you to do the kind of work that you want to do in terms of working with children. We have a book called “Psychology @ Unisa” available on our website that will help you to start exploring the different options.

  21. Riana

    I have a matric exemption to study but i dnt meet the additional requirements to study psychology, eg. Maths HG or SG. Is there any way to bypass this?

  22. Nangamso Tengo

    Hi i have completed a dilpoma in tourism managemrnt and i have recntly found out that i have a great passion working with children. ehat course can i go for as i have limited time to go found out myself as i am woking in a very busy hospitality environment and I would really appreciate it if i you could give me more knowledge on doind the course part-time.
    Thanking you imn advance.

  23. agar

    hi . I ve a ba in english . And i want to do my honours in anything related to communication and cultural studies . How is it possible in unisa ? And how is the chance of getting a job ?

  24. Shirley Kgopotso

    I have completed my honours degree in psychology. I have passed the following modules: Research Methodology- 66, Psychological assessment-50, Community psychology-67, Personology-50, Psychology of work-57, Therapeutic Psychology- 67. I am interested to persue my studies and study Maters in Industrial Psychology next year. Do i qualify in terms of the entry percentage required. I am a social work by profession with 10 yrs work experience. Part of my job description is Community Development, couselling, crises intervention and community capacitation through workshops, projects and programmes.

  25. zama

    Hi I’m currently doing my BA in Psychology and Communication at Unisa and was wondering if I can get a job as a registered Industrial Psychology after completing my honors?

  26. Dilsha

    Hi there,
    I’m currently doing my first year in Bcom industial Psychology through Unisa but I would like to change it to a BA degree… Am I allowed to do so, if so how do I go about it.

  27. Ezeemvr

    I am a bit confused about the exact requirements to become a Trauma counselor or Psychometrist. I have been reading conflicting requirements in this regard. Your website above states that one requires to finish Honours, then a 6/12 months internship and then a board exam.

    In other documents also published by Unisa its states that one will only be
    allowed to be a counselor after a masters degree (if you are selected) Which is the correct information? Please explain if an Honours, Internship and Board exam is suffiecient to call oneself a Psychologist and practice under licence as such?


  28. Lebo

    I would like to study psychology with unisa but i didnt apply for the year 2011, i would like to know if you hav accept late applications?

  29. Linndiwe

    Hi, I intend to take a one year unpaid leave (2011), so I could complete my Honours degree in Pschology. Is it possible to do an internship during this time? What other mentorhip opportunities are there, in the field of counselling.

  30. Lungile Dlamini

    Hi, i have been working as a volunteer in community development and as a lay consellor with different NGOs IDASA,LIFE Line,Hospice.etc also working with Government stakeholders.Now i want to do community development studies next year but i am afraid that i am too old to get job as i finish my study .now i’m 35 will u advice me to continue. Thanx.LUNGILE

  31. CLARE

    I have an Honours degree in Psychology and many years experience as a volunteer counsellor. I really want to further my education and work in this field. I was thinking about registering as a family counsellor but have no idea how to do this.

  32. Hazel

    I’m doing Christian Counselling course this year and would like to do the 2 years Advance counselling course next year. I would like to study psychology or social worker, but after completion of this 3 year counselling course,will it be accredited in any of above interest studies?

  33. ntombekaya nduna

    i’m a student support manager with BA degree majoring in psychology and isixhosa and i would like to do honours in psychology in 2011

  34. ntombekaya nduna

    i’m a student support manager with BA degree majoring in psychology and isixhosa and i would to do honours in psychology


    I hold a BA degree majored in Psychology and English. I work as an Enrolled Nurse in the Occupational Health Department. I did a short course in HIV/AIDS Management for lay counsellors.I would like to be a counsellor. Can one do the fourth year at Unisa to qualify as a registered counsellor?

    1. unisacareers Post author

      Unisa offers the BPsych equivalence programme that includes the Honours degree in Psychology and an internship to complete the practical requirements. You can read more about the different specialisations offered on our website.

  36. NAS

    Hi, i am currently completing my honours in psychology and finding it very challenging to get a job in this field, i have studied for 5years now, and volunteering cannot be an option as i also have to earn a living. what other options do i have? I also have found only two career counselling internships advertised in durban campus. I am from durban.

  37. Sibusisiwe Mbuku


    Im currently busy with a diploma in pastoral counselling and would like to register with unisa to further my studies.What are the accredited steps for me to take inorder to become a registered counselling psychologist.

    1. unisacareers Post author

      Hi Sibusisiwe,
      In order to register with the HPCSA, you would need to complete a degree in Psychology, followed by an Honours degree. Once you have completed the Honours, you could apply for the pastoral counselling internship. On completion of the internship, you would write the Professional Board for Psychology examination. If you pass this exam, you will be able to register as a counsellor with the HPCSA. You could read more detailed information on our website at

  38. Chantal

    i am a registered career counsellor and there are no growth opportunities within this field. am i missing something. i have tried applying within various universities but most of them would prefer someone with a masters in counselling psychology or a qualified social worker. another problem is that the private colleges offer a limited range of courses so there is no need for student counsellors. how else could i use this qualification.

  39. unisacareers Post author

    If you plan on staying in the education field, you could consider a teaching certificate (Postgraduate Certificate in Education), and then the Honours BEd in Guidance and Counselling. Alternatively, you could also consider the Honours in Psychology followed by an internship in career counselling. You would need to make sure that the option you choose relate to your future career plans and also what is recognised in Namibia. Read more about the various registration options in psychology on our website at

  40. charles matengu


  41. khabonina

    i am 22 year old girl. i am working with youth in my community and i would like to take psychology as career.

    1. unisacareers Post author

      There are different specialisations in psychology and many of them will enable you to work with youth in community. When you say that you are interested in working with youth in your community, I wonder if you have thought about what you want to do with the youth? For example, do you want to teach them, counsel them, help them access resources, etc? The answer to this question could help you to identify the most suitable study option as psychology is not the only field of study that could assist youth. You can read more about the different options in psychology on our website at You could also think about and research other options such as social work, education and the youth development diploma.

  42. Makgotso

    I am a 3rd year BPsych student at Unisa. I am employed by an organisation that deals wt HIV+ people for 9 yrs. Are there chances of me becoming a volunteer at Unisa? What must I do 2 qualify as a peer/student counsellor?

  43. Rosinah

    I studied Honours in Psychology, i am looking for 6 months internship so that i can be able to register for profetional board, i saw the advert for internship in Sunnyside late after the closing date, so i want to know if you do this internship every year.

  44. fiki

    i studied my under graduate majoring i psychology but now the job i found they not related to psychology

    1. unisacareers Post author

      Many graduates are doing jobs that are not related to their first degrees. Psychology is also one of those fields where you need to have formal registration with the Health Professions Council in order to perform psychological acts. You could read more about the various options in Psychology on our website at There is also a Careers in Applied Psychology booklet on the UCT website that might be helpful. You can get it at You would need to ask yourself what your long-term goals are and how you plan on getting there?

  45. Ms Mavuso P

    I am a third year psychology student and I am looking for internships or any experience that i can get to find exposure in my career

    1. unisacareers Post author

      One of the most effective ways of gaining experience in the field of psychology is to find volunteer opportunities related to the areas that you are interested in. For example, if you are interested in working with terminally ill people, then you can volunteer at an organisation like Hospice that enables you to gain a deeper understanding of the kind of work involved in this field, as well as expand your professional network.

  46. kreyve

    I think interviews with people working in the field would be helpful. Perhaps even a kind of “day-in-the-life-of” document, or even better, a video detailing the day to day activies of someone working in the industry.

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